Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whataburger . . . what-a-makeover!

A mystery at Whataburger
Sunday after church, husband Walter and I quite often make a fast-food stop at Whataburger. Today included the Whataburger visit. I like the chain’s whataburger and fries. For about a decade and a half in the 1980s and 90s, my position required a bit of travel for meetings and conferences. After a couple days dining in upscale style, I had to depart the herd and find me a hamburger, or in the words of a colleague who often attended the same functions, a “greasy” hamburger.

There is, however, another appeal to the Whataburger in our hometown for me. And it is definitely a weird one. The women’s restroom there provides an instant makeover for this 63-year-old grandmother of 6. What can I say? I look in the mirror and nearly always experience a jolt of surprise. Gray hair has turned to sparkling silver. Lines have disappeared. Eyes that were in hiding under droopy lids have suddenly made a cheerful return.

Reason says it is the combination of lighting and the color of the wall tiles. Maybe even the strength and position of the light sources contribute. Maybe. Or it could be some kind of delusion. But I have rarely, if ever, observed such a transformation anywhere else, real or imagined. 

"Maybe, just maybe," I think as I sail out the door with smile at full power, "it’s magic!"


  1. You need to call in a decorator immediately and redo your bathroom with the exact same colors and mirror! It can be your little Christmas present to you! Or maybe greasy burgers bring about a glow to the face! I've heard of this chain, but we don't have any around here, and I have never seen any!

  2. bring on the mirror. NOT that i need it, ha ha. or should say HO HO. a trick they use in bathrooms and dressing rooms is to tilt the botom of the mirror in at the bottomm. that is why we look thinner in the dressing room than when we get home. i would love to see MEin that burger rest room and my favorite food is a hamburger.

  3. What a wonderful lift for the spirits. I'm with Ginny, go with the decorator.

  4. And when they say decorator, there not talking about your son. :P

  5. This gave me a real smile today.
    What a magical mirror and in a fast food restaurant , at that.
    I love those burgers that are a bit on the greasy side. they are just what I need sometimes. We actually went to a hamburger place called The Habit, after church last Sunday. It lives up to its name and does become one!