Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas blessings

Christmas this year was a little more chaotic than usual. The lesson learned: When circumstances change and Plan B, or even C, is called for, a can-do husband, adaptable children, and a generous heavenly Father keep the blessings showering down!

Among our challenges: family members’ move to a new town and a new home three days before Christmas, a travel delay due to SNOW, the resulting day’s delay of our annual day-after Christmas gathering, grandchildren on the ailing list, and our oven going out during Christmas dinner preparations.

But all arrived safely at Baboo and Nana’s; little ones responded to prescriptions; and the only casualty of the oven’s death throes was the sweet potato casserole.

So that I don’t forget, here is my sampler of Christmas 2010 blessings:
Husband Walter and I shared a Christmas-evening meal and visit with my 91-year-old mother.

Breakfast time included lots of conversation and laughter. Sons Jeremy, left, and Walt plus grandchildren Charlie and Walker visit with Baboo around the breakfast table Monday, Dec. 27.

Granddaughter Molly Kate, decked out in one of her holiday ensembles, requested to have her picture taken with her favorite piglet (Really. . . it’s a Christmas pig from her great-grandmother, Grandma Sugar!)

Grandsons Nate, left, and Luke entertained themselves with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Legos and rousing battles with Nerf weaponry.

Granddaughters Stella, left, and Charlie showed off their matching Christmas frocks.

Our sons and daughters-in-law were able to visit with my mother and my brother from Virginia and his family when they arrived at our home Tuesday, Dec. 28. I loved that our grandchildren could be with their great-grandmothers--Grandma Sugar on Monday and Mamaw Carpenter on Tuesday. It was so great that they could also renew their acquaintance with their Great-Uncle Mike and Great-Aunt Sonya and visit with their almost grown-up cousins.
My brother Mike, left, and his family, wife Sonya and offspring Matthew, Amanda and Becky; Mother, front center; and our son Walt.

Cousins sharing a bedtime Max and Ruby video 
Our courageous daughters-in-law Sarah and Katie are not to be seen in the few photos I was able to snap. That is because they were busy shepherding children ages seven months to eight years, changing diapers, providing helping hands and generally serving as ministering angels.

Blessings indeed!


  1. What a wonderful chronicle of your Christmas!! Stella is such a cutie pie! The picture of her with Charlie is my favorite! I thought I knew all about the latest toys, but I never heard of those cards. What an eventful but memorable Christmas, so many blessings with family and especially the children.

  2. you are truly, truly blessed with a wonderful and beautiful family. Christmas is not the same with out children. thanks for a peak at your Christmas visits. oven throes brought back the memory of thanksgivig dinner several years ago, we put the turkey in the oven at 5 am to cook slowly, power company decided to do brown outs of and on, the overn would go off for and hour and on for an hour all morning. it took all day to cook and then i was afraid it would kill us, but it did not.

  3. Everyone looks great, especially your mother! You must have good genes. Happy new year.

  4. What an amazing Christmas time you had. There is nothing like family togetherness. Its good for everyone. Glad the only "tragedy" was the sweet potatoe casserole.
    Blessings on this new year.