Friday, December 17, 2010

Hats off to mommy blogs

This grandmother enjoys periodic dips into a variety of “mommy blogs.” Maybe they remind me of the joys–and challenges–of my own days as a mom of little boys. Here are two of my favorites plus one new one that had me laughing recently:

There is no way I could resist our daughter-in-law Katie’s blog that stars our granddaughter Molly Kate, almost three, and grandson Walker, seven months old. Abundant photos and text help me and other relatives “see” what is going on with the Louisiana Skupiens and the people, places, things and events that fill their lives.

Six children, life in a new home not quite completed on a hill in Idaho, temporary outdoor toilet facilities and SNOW. This blogger offers delightful and thought-provoking words and images about marriage, mothering, creativity and the responsibilities, rewards and challenges that come with each.

Erin, mommy of three sons, nails the endearing—and challenging—little-boy mix of testosterone, tenderness and vulnerability. My first sample was a narrative of a creative cover-up of Christmas-tree mayhem in her Dec. 7 post. But her Dec. 13 post of “Saving the Toys—One Suitcase at a Time” produced major artery-declogging laughter.

Today’s communications technology makes it possible for us to be bombarded 24/7 with news of the dire, the deadly and the dastardly. These blogs offer a reprieve—a visit with young families who are celebrating the significance of day-to-day moments while nurturing their young ones. A picture of hope for the future! 


  1. I read Saving the Toys One Suitcase At A Time, hilarious!! I need to go and check out the others now!

  2. all of our instant access has a lot of bad points, but one of the good is the acces to family and friends photos and daily lives. that is one adorable set of legs in the striped tights.