Thursday, December 9, 2010

Football Christmas

NFL or college team attire was the order of the day for an early Christmas celebration of the extended Skupien family. Nephew Ryan and wife Melissa hosted friends and relatives this year. Most showed up in black and gold Saints jerseys, warm-up suites or T-shirts touting the team’s Super Bowl win.
Nephew Ryan Byrd ladles up a bowl of gumbo

Sound strange for an annual Christmas fete? This is not the first time that the extended Skupien clan has agreed on a dress code for such a gathering. There was the Christmas that we all wore pajamas that Grandma Sugar had given us the preceding Christmas.

And then there were ski trips. The rule for those jaunts was that everybody had to go out in public, usually to rent our ski equipment, dressed to code. One year it was thrift-shop night. You had to assemble your ensemble for $5 or less from a local thrift-shop. Another time a fireman theme recognized Ryan’s joining the ranks of firefighters.

A few Christmas Saints:

Great-nephew Ashton, right, and mom Stephanie

Son Jeremy and his little one Walker

Great-niece Trinity

Husband Walter, AKA Baboo, and Walker

Great-nephew Miles and his “E-Maw” ready for the hayride to go watch the afternoon’s Christmas parade

Little Saints Walker, left, and Molly Kate celebrate gift exchange in their own styles.


  1. What a great idea! It's fun, and no one has to spend time worrying what to wear, or feel dressed out of place! These are great pictures, the kids are all just adorable, especially cutie pie Trinity!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate everybody coming together, and I love the photos. Nobody looks harassed or stressed, everyone just looks happy to be there.

  3. That's a fabulous idea. I'm sure there are laughs galore and such a wonderful family bonding time.
    All the little munchkins are the frosting on the cake.