Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photo file: Happy trails

Louisiana sunset through the windshield
Ahhh! A cool 64 degrees on our screened porch this morning turned my thoughts to hitting the road. Life, however, dictates otherwise right now; but with these May 2010 photos, I can certainly enjoy reliving a super special trip.

Husband and I were on our way to Louisiana for the birth of our sixth grandchild, Walker Vincent Skupien. I am usually not a fan of my attempts at through-the-windshield photos, but this sunset seemed to welcome us into Louisiana and beg to be photographed.

Jet trails in the western sky
I enjoyed how the sky changed in seconds and in fractions of a mile as we sped farther west.

And, of course, there was the exit sign. Ever since we had learned what our grandson’s name was going to be, we always had a good laugh, and still do, when we exit I-12 and head to our son and daughter-in-law’s home. 

Just for the record, Walker Vincent really wasn’t named after a highway sign!


  1. of course you had to shoot through the windshield, i find i just have to at certain times. always best if i am not driving but that does not stop me. beautiful

  2. Stunning sunset photos. It makes me get the wander-lust too. Wish we could just take off. Life somehow gets in the way.
    Love the road sign.

  3. So glad you took a picture of this road sign!! I will have to put a copy of it in Walker's baby book so that we can joke with him about how we got his name!!