Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bathing suit malfunction

Packing my bathing suit for a recent trip to the beach with our youngest son and his family brought to mind the blue bathing suit saga. As a teenager I was aghast that my mother continued to wear an ancient, saggy blue bathing suit. Years passed.

On a trip to California with husband Walter and our six-year-old son, I found THE bathing suit. Hubby and I are not into water sports much, but that one-piece fit perfectly and was a gorgeous shade of blue with a slight sparkle. Fast-forward another decade.

I had the opportunity to go snorkeling—a first for me, on a field trip related to my work with a marine research funding program. With my nearsightedness and inability to wear contacts, I needed a prescription mask and needed it quickly. Harriet, a marine biologist I worked with, rounded up a mask. She also arranged a test of how well I could see before she turned me loose with the borrowed mask.

When I arrived in my trusty blue bathing suit, Harriet handed me a mesh bag. “See if you can fill it up.”

With the mask, wonder of wonders, I could see oyster shells and brightly colored Mardi Gras beads and doubloons scattered over the bottom of the pool. Working with Harriet was always an adventure. She managed to make even ordinary tasks festive events.

I stuffed the bag full and pushed off from the bottom. I surged upward, exhilarated by how well I could see. The instant I broke the surface, I realized most of the top of my bathing suit didn’t make it up with me. The blue suit’s elasticity had died. I slid back underwater to wrestle the suit back on to the appropriate body parts. Normally I would have been mortified.

Instead I was in danger of drowning, death by extreme laughter. I had turned into my mother, complete with ancient, saggy blue bathing suit. I got out of the pool, thanked Harriet and went shopping for a new bathing suit.


  1. LOL...Thanks for sharing that moment! I think most of us can probably admit to having a similar wardrobe malfunction at some point in our lifetime (especially at the beach or in a pool :)

  2. Hilarious!! Makes me believe in Karma. Can't wait to read your sense of humor!

  3. Thanks for the good laugh and true life story.
    I guess we all turn into our Mothers at one time or another.

  4. this is hysterical, i do the same thing with my suits and also some of my shirts, i wear them until they fall apart. never lost my top but my brother came to visit and we took them to the beach, he was diving into the waves and playing and when he stood up his suit was around his ankles, talk about laughter. thanks for a wake up smile