Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Building traditions

A treasured group goodbye
Traditions can transform ordinary moments into memorable events full of meaning. Early on, son Walt and wife Sarah started a “goodbye” routine that helps this grandmother through the looming separation at a visit’s close.

The photo above, taken by husband Walter out his driver’s-side window with my point and shoot, is one of the few photos from our quick overnight trip to Georgia to visit children and grandchildren.

It is a reminder of how thankful I am that both our sons married into strong families with loving traditions and that sons and spouses are creating their own traditions.


  1. a beautiful family foto to keep those memories burning in the future. you have a love family.

  2. Hi Linda, you have a lovely blog! I heard about you from Sandra, we are blogging sisters and close friends. In scrolling through your blog, I see you like to take beautiful pictures of the pink sky, just like I do!! I have posted many, and yours is beautiful!! Your blog is full of such variety, and I love your turtle friend in your yard!

  3. @Ginny - Thanks for stopping by and for encouraging comments. "Blogging sisters" . . .love that!

  4. My family is the lifeblood to us too.
    One son lives in Oregon so we see he and his family usually only once a year. It isn't good for building relationships. I'm so grateful our other son lives only 8 minutes from us and we go to the same church. It makes for strong building blocks.

  5. Dropped by to thank you for visiting my blog your comments are appreciated to please return. Your post I found very touching as my Son and his wife and kids live in Illinois. He is a scientist and had to leave the UK to get a job. I miss them all terribly although we keep in touch using SKYPE which has been a life line. His two year post ends August 2011 and although it would be great if he returned to the UK I just hope that he can get a permanent position wherever that may be.