Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beach blessings

Final rays of sun paint the eastern clouds.

A few final memories about a recent trip to Destin, FL, with our youngest son and his family:

Three-month-old grandson Walker had his first feet-in-the-sand experience on the beach. His daddy captured one of my favorite photos of the entire trip. Daughter-in-law Katie posted it and dozens of others from the beach visit on her blog The Daily Skup.
Walker enjoys his first encounter with the beach.

Granddaughter Molly Kate introduced me to the condo’s pool the first afternoon. She never seemed to tire of the games of chase in the pool (with her daddy or mother providing her evasive maneuvers). She relished the suspense-building Jaws sound, a mantra about hunger for “tasty toes,” and the final “attack.” Results included shrieks and laughter.

When we exited the pool, Molly Kate exhibited her recent aversion to having her photo taken. She did, however, consent to documenting her “tasty toes” and water-shriveled “pruny toes.”
Tasty toes, “pruny” toes

She also rapidly overcame her aversion, one that she shared with her mother, of getting sand anywhere on her. By the end of the stay, however, she was walking barefoot, plunking down on the sand and digging with enthusiasm. Sand in hair, ears, eyebrows and all remaining baby-fat creases? No problem.
Molly Kate picks a tiny shell from sand and seaweed.

After a day and a half of sun, we enjoyed clouds and cooler temperatures on the beach. The stormy clouds made a dramatic backdrop for photos. The threat of oil earlier in the Gulf of Mexico, the start of school and stormy weather evidently kept occupancy of condos all along the beach at a minimum.

I slipped out at 6:45 a.m. one morning for a walk alone on the beach. Only a few shafts of sunlight forced their way through. The drama of the clouds to the east and heavy rains offshore on the west was exhilarating.
Storm clouds gather.

Five days of beach, pool, grandkids, long conversations with daughter-in-law and son, and a front-row seat for nature’s weather spectacles made this grandmother blessed indeed.

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