Friday, September 24, 2010

Simple pleasures

Isn’t it great that some of the most enjoyable experiences are relatively inexpensive? A few from my week:

Eldest son Walt called with a few new grandkid anecdotes. These hilarious, poignant and not-to-be forgotten stories are a joyful help for this long-distance grandparent who is missing those grandkids.

Youngest son Jeremy’s comment on my box turtle post (the post below this one) alluded to creative and fairly brutal teasing he and his brother inflicted on me during a stroll through downtown Gatlinburg, TN, in the midst of a Smoky Mountain vacation many years ago. I have to admit it was hilarious, even then, and on-target. For awhile “Turtle Woman” replaced other names they called me. Thanks, Jeremy, for helping me relive good times!

Hallelujah! That disagreeable 24-hour bug is no longer in residence in yours truly. I have graduated from a diet of toast and tea. I’m looking forward to my Pizza Man’s homemade pizza tonight!

May your weekend be wonderful!

1 comment:

  1. a wonderful memory. I like the turtle woman. we could have called my son turtle man or snake man. glad you are feeling better