Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walker and Baboo

Baboo soaked up some special Walker time during a weekend visit to Louisiana. This proud grandpa calls Walker "Smiley Face." Bet you can't see Molly Kate in this photo. She is still adhering to her new strict "No photos!" policy.


  1. Walker sure is a happy-looking baby. Baboo seems to be enjoying his "Walker time" very much, judging from that smile on his face :)

  2. this photo is priceless. you may have noticed my motto on my header is
    "photos are the pilot light of memories" and this photo will burn through time and that little baby will love seeing it when he is older. he will not have a memory of this time, but the photo will give it to him.
    if you have any questions at all about blogger feel free to email me and i will be glad to help if its something i know.

  3. @Sandra - Appreciate your "pilot light" perspective AND the offer of blogger help!