Monday, September 20, 2010

Breakfast interrupted

A resident of our garden
I interrupted a box turtle who was busy excavating and chowing down in our compost pile this morning. I startled him and he startled me. I waited a minute or two until he poked his head back out.

Use of the word “him” is for convenience. I have no idea if the turtle was Mr. or Ms. He regarded me with a steady stare. Eventually he scrambled up the compost pile. To do what? To get a better look at a creature bigger than him? Makes me wonder what goes on in a turtle’s head. 


  1. he/she is adorable. we had many a box turtle in our house when my oldest son was grwoing up. he loved all things that breathed, from snakes and turtles to birds and opossums. our house was full of anything he found wounded. the neighbors would call and say did you know David is down in the ditch, he could get bit by a snake. i would say, he is ok, he is LOOKING for snakes and he knows which are poisonous and which not. your little guy brought all that to mind.

  2. He is beautiful. I stay away from our compost bins just in case of rodent residents, but I would love a turtle or tortoise!