Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stroke recovery: Comfort food

Comfort food from Hubby

I was still “recuperating” about four days after Hubby and I had arrived back home from a 10-day trip to visit family and to explore old and new territory.

Hubby’s query about my preference for our evening meal drew a blank. I was too tired and stiff from the previous week’s travel time in our vehicle to care.

But dear Hubby knows me better than I know myself. That can be downright aggravating, irritating and humiliating at times. It can also be endearing, encouraging, helpful and hilarious.

In this case I thoroughly enjoyed the result of his perceptiveness. He whipped up a quick and easy omelet meal. Pre-stroke, an omelet was one of my favorite comfort foods, loaded with Colby or sharp cheddar and liberally topped with Pace’s chunky salsa.

That was then. Now my post-stroke diet eliminates much that is tasty. Even though Hubby has worked to create appetizing edibles that fit the doctor’s mandate, omelets without cheese and salsa just lost their appeal.

For this meal he dressed up my omelet with colorful grape tomatoes and green onions. It was yummy. Notice that he also added smoked sausage, full of salt.

I won’t make a practice of succumbing to my love of salty foods, but I felt no guilt at indulging in comfort via taste buds that night. Even though it was a no-no, that sausage just put the final touch on my omelet meal.

I said “Yes, yes,” and cleaned my plate!


  1. This looks mighty good. I am afraid I would have a very hard time with foods that limit salt. Thankfully, that isn't something I have to worry about. I have the opposite problem. I have low blood pressure - too low. On the other hand, because hubby blood pressure is too high, I do cook with foods that have limited salt and then add extra to mine.

  2. It looks so good, Walter is really a good cook, it is not easy to make a pretty omelet like this. AND he knows just what you want!

  3. What a keeper you have found in your hubby. That looks yummy and as long as salt is just as an occasional treat, surely it can't hurt.

  4. it looks tasty and beautiful at the same time and the sausage has my drool about to drop on the keyboard.

  5. Sometimes we just need a little TLC to get us back up and running, don't we? Your omelet looks delicious :)

  6. You have one dear husband.
    I think going "off the wagon" with the sausage was just what the doctor ordered.
    If you don't make it a habit I think the happiness was worth it.
    By the way the meal looks absolutely delicious.
    Hope your week is filed with joy and happiness.

  7. Who needs cheese when one has sausage? Lol.

  8. I got hungry looking at your meal. Love good sausage, and that sausage looks good.

  9. Lightly grated Parmesan is a good cheese to cheat with! A lovely photo of a beautiful meal. Blessings Freda from Dalamory