Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Along with pumpkins galore that we have seen in fall decorations, there was a noticeable scarecrow presence in towns Husband Walter and I visited recently.

Most of the scarecrows were mass produced. And even one-of-a-kind were benign creations.

Friendly scarecrow with taffy outside a Gatlinburg, Tennessee, candy kitchen

Creepy creativity

Roswell, Georgia, was the exception. In early October, scarecrows in a Halloween spirit populated Roswell’s historic downtown streets, stores and residential gardens.

A fashion-conscious witch scarecrow

Spooky chapeau

Dainty witch pumps

Sibling scarecrow spooks

The scarecrows enhanced the welcome commercial establishments offered with food, drink, a comfortable environment, and at one store, an invitation to pick herbs from the storefront planter.

Downtown U-Pik-It Planter

Hubby’s take on a Roswell, Georgia, early morning food stop here


  1. what an amazing gorup of scarecrows. i love the fashionable witch.. great shots, i would love to see all that

  2. What fun those are. Yes, they add to the fall festival feeling. Leave me smiling too.

  3. I like the first one best, he looks almost like a clown. But I also like those yellow braids.

  4. A great Halloween post from one who knows a few old crows. Dianne

  5. What cute scarecrows and imaginative, too.

  6. There's something about scarecrows you gotta love! I'd like to make one next summer with my Grands. Happy Halloween.