Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Son Jeremy with his family (Photo by Erin Guedry, Denham Springs, La., photographer)

October 3, 1979, our youngest son made his debut into the world. I wrote this note to Jeremy many years later, describing one of our earliest experiences with him as a newborn just about an hour old.

“Did you know you smiled at us the first time we held you in the hospital room? Relatives said it was just coincidence, but it wasn’t. You always smiled when we talked to you.”

Of course, that changed. Even as a toddler he knew how to push emotional buttons and mastered the art of subtle--and not so subtle--teasing early. 

There was a certain twinkle that would signal what he was up to. And the smile accompanying a “gotcha” moment evolved into more of a smirk.

I treasure the memories and loved the young Jeremy, and I love and appreciate the son, the husband, the father, the man he has grown into. 

Happy birthday, Son.


  1. Jeremy and his family are all beautiful, you are very blessed!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jeremy! Aloha from Hawaii.

  3. A handsome young family indeed. We're lucky this week too as our son and grands are visiting from Arizona....:)

  4. a priceless happy memory. thanks for sharing it. he sounds like my brother. He was 4 years younger than me and loved to tease and i know that twinkle because he did it to me my whole life.

  5. Happy Birthday Jeremy. It seems you let them know from one hour old what to expect. Way to go.

  6. Beautiful son, beautiful family. You were wonderful parents...still are.

  7. Happy birthday, and what a nice mom you have.

  8. Happy Birthday to your wonderful son.
    He sounds just like our younger son.
    Always the laugh and giggle.
    Lovely family Linda.
    You have been blessed.