Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stroke Recovery: Bugged

There I was, sitting quietly on our sofa, taking a brief rest after some at-home-therapy exercises. Then peripheral vision flashed an alarm: a bug had just skittered on to my chest.

Ack! Frantic brushing and whacking with right hand ensued. My brain registered the attacking creature as gray, fuzzy and about the diameter of a pencil eraser. Also contributing to my panic—and shrieks—was the critter’s persistence. Every time I got it brushed off, it managed to get back on me.

I desperately needed a functioning left arm and hand! Hubby’s calm help finally got me toned down a bit. A more focused look turned my bug aversion to embarrassment.  

The athletic and determined “bug” was a small ball of gray thread tangled in a thin elastic thread, hence the “bug’s” ability to bounce back on to me. I took scissors and separated myself from the elastic and the “bug.”

I didn’t pursue the source of the elastic. But I suspect the culprit was frayed elastic on underwear that wouldn’t pass the mother test of “You can’t wear that! What if you were in a wreck and had to go to the emergency room?”

Well, I didn’t have to go to the emergency room. My only potential need for the ER would have been treatment for maniacal laughter. 


  1. Oh, how hilarious! I can just picture it. hahaha

  2. Too funny, in retrospect only.

  3. I would have done the exact same thing!!! I get scared to death when I think a bug is on me! I scream and jump, only I can't really jump anymore and that makes it worse. And with my bad vision I am always screaming to Phil to KILL a piece of sock lint or large food crumb. And the cats are no help at all. All they seem interested in is flying insects like moths and flies. I am so glad your bug was a thread!

  4. you are my 4th laugh of the day blog... thanks, it is making me happy to find so much humor on blogland today. this is hilarious and so is the mother test of ER... and yes, i do wear undies that would not do well in ER

  5. Oh bless you Linda.
    That is too funny.
    I love the part about the bug that kept bouncing back...great visual.
    As always your dear husband was your Knight in Shinning Armor.
    Yes I suffer from the same Mom in the ER undies dilema too.
    I truly am glad that it wasn't a real monster crawling on you.

  6. Oh you make me laugh. I have done the same thing with a bit of elastic thread. My dog's fur is often part of the mix. Dianne

  7. Oh, that's wonderful. I haven't had that one happen. I have had recent holes in my vision but not a bug in them. More forgetting too. I think I will take the bug.

  8. Too, too funny! I'm glad your man saved you from that scary "bug." I have those kinds of moments myself. Glad I am not alone.

    Are you going to throw the underwear away? :)

  9. Very funny! Well, don't feel I'm laughing AT you, because I've had similar events that made me jump around!