Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin season, Part 2: Painting pumpkins

Our Georgia grands set to work embellishing pumpkins from a pumpkin patch foray earlier that crisp October Sunday afternoon during a visit from Husband Walter and me.


Nate, and 

Stella all worked on small pumpkins. 

Charlie picked a bigger pumpkin to create a larger-than-life feline. 

Granddaughter Charlie had a school assignment to decorate a pumpkin as a literary character. She chose the fairy tale protagonist Puss in Boots.

Before visiting the pumpkin patch, Charlie had found a hat that struck her fancy. She equipped it with an animal print ribbon as a band and a feather leftover from previous family projects. 

She attached the feather with silver duct tape. I thought the duct tape was a clever touch and looked like a sizeable silver clasp perfect for the feline character’s attire. 

I admit my enthusiasm for the duct tape clasp could actually have been the effect of a proud grandma’s predisposition for enthusiastic approval of the entire project.

A proud Charlie poses with Puss in Boots. 


  1. Oh, Charlie did beautifully! And I see the detail and precise beauty in her painting, too! I had our girls use markers, but I think the paint looks better, it really makes the features pop!!

  2. Sweet photos of the Grands.
    I love the little concentration tongue.
    I sort of miss the little ones and all the pumpkin decorations.

  3. Ha, Stella is just as serious decorating as she was picking the perfect pumpkin.
    Charlie did a terrific job with hers. Very creative. Both boys are really into their craft.
    What a great idea for the kids.

  4. Don't you just love to watch their creativity when decorating pumpkins. So cute!!!

  5. Looks just like old Puss.

    Love stella's tongue at work. Dianne

  6. Loved the cute pictures of the 'grands' while they were hard at work on their pumpkins :)