Monday, February 14, 2011

A Walker preview

Green peas . . . so this is lunch?
A trip to Louisiana two days ago gave this nana a preview of the upcoming arrival of 9-month-old grandson Walker for a four-night stay this week at Baboo and Nana’s house. During his older sister’s birthday party, I had the opportunity of assisting Mr. Walker with his lunch.

With kids all around, especially BOYS, Walker was not especially interested in his green peas. He did manage to get in a little practice at manipulating Nana. He clamped down on his spoon with great authority, a maneuver that allowed him to get his hand on the spoon.
A crafty little “grab-the-spoon” strategy

First the remote and now his eating utensils . . . I am sure I will be adding more items to the list of things Walker wants to explore without adult interference!


  1. Oh, I miss having a baby around. My youngest grandchild is nearly 10, and the great-grands are too far away! sigh.

    He is adorable!

  2. Ah yes! Remotes are a favorite!! All those colored buttons to push! I'd advise you to get a toy one before the visit! What georgous eye!! I'm sure that Nana will be feeding him many things more tasty than peas, Nana's houses are for treats and fun and breaking all the rules!!

  3. i am thinking now, batten down the hatches. ha ha. he is adorable and i know you will have a ball with him.

  4. Oh my this brings back memories of my boys many years ago. clamping down on the spoon and peas or carrots everywhere. In the hair up the arms....of course I would get "baptized" when they would sneeze with a mouth full of carrots. Yuck!