Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Sunday walk

Sunny skies and mild temperatures lured husband Walter and me out into local trails of Mississippi’s mainland section of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

I tried capturing a respectable image of one of the brown pelicans in flight. But darn those birds, they just won’t oblige this photographer wannabe by staying still or coming close.
Pelican in flight over Davis Bayou

Okay, so I found some color that stayed in one place.
Bright red yaupon berries

A munched-on leaf offered another spot of winter color.
More red

And the curls of the vine supporting the leaf also caught my eye.
Natural curl

Cool but not frigid temperatures, sunshine gilding leaves and branches with molten gold, blue sky, an egret, pelicans, a flock of some kind of perky little birds either passing through or overwintering, fellow human beings, both residents and snowbird RVers, sharing a beautiful day . . . joy!


  1. sunshine gilding caught my eye since this morning we stood in our back yard and watched in awe as the sun came up after 3 days of no sun at all. it started to paint different colors on the tippy top branches of our neighbors trees, it was though God was using a sunshine paint brush gilding every branch it touched with gold. we were awed. i love the curly cues and of course that pelican in flight, so plain looking on the ground and awkward, but when in flight they just float and soar

  2. Hi,
    I wanted to stop by to "catch up" and to say "thank you" for the sweet comments on my blog(s). I haven't had much time to blog lately for obvious reasons. Thank the Lord, Brad is on the mend :)

    My husband had his mom at the ER this morning due to a fall though. She wasn't injured, but it appears that she may have suffered another pin stroke, as her speech is slurred.

    I'm sorry to hear about Grandma Sugar's plight. I've heard that necrosis is painful! Thanks for the "heads up".

    Your photos are very nice!

  3. Lovely pictures!! I love that stem curlicue, too. I've never heard of those berries, but they are so very pretty! Are they edible? I imagine not, I've never seen any in recipes.

  4. Ginny, As far as I know, birds love the Yaupon holly berries. Armadillos, raccoons and some other animals eat them. Only thing I found about consumption by people was that Native Americans back in the day were thought to brew a tea from the berries and drink it as part of a purification ritual. Got all that from Wikipedia.