Monday, February 21, 2011

Flipping his lid

Walker flips his lid at Coffee Fusion
The past five days and four nights husband Walter and I enjoyed a long list of “firsts” with 9-month-old grandson Walker while parents and sibling were at Disney World. His visit was the first at our home sans his mom, dad and sister. Of course, another of those firsts had to be introducing him to Coffee Fusion, our favorite local coffee shop.

He enthusiastically practiced his eye-hand coordination with the lid from my hot tea.
Walker at work on physical skills

More practice

No, we didn’t give him coffee. It was just an empty cup.

Empty cup or not, he insisted on managing by himself.

Walker is a naturally happy little camper, which is great, because Nana and Baboo’s house is almost like camping. We enjoyed our Baboo and Nana roles nonstop with this happy little camper!
More cup practice at Coffee Fusion


  1. I LOVE it!! I have many pictures of our grand like this, isn't it just too much fun? And don't you see things through new eyes, the eyes of a child? More pictures and stories!!! Is he sleeping well there?

  2. Delightful...cherished memories...almost total exhaustion...Grandkids...there is nothing like them.
    So glad you had that time together. Walker is a precious cutie.
    To answer your question about the Almond fragrance, there really isn't any. I really hope we get some almonds this year. last year we had the blossoms blow off before they could set and the tree seemed to have a blight on it. So sad because the year before we had a bontiful crop. Neither Hubby or I have much of a "green thumb" so that could have something to do with it. (:0)

  3. all those sweet memories, he is a doll baby and I really like the one of him and baboo getting sip from the empty cup. a great shot

  4. How cute! I love my grandkids in small doses. They absolutely wear me out!

  5. It looks and sounds like everyone had a good time! Wow, four days sans parents--that's awesome. Walker is looking more like his big sister each day :)