Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Confused posies?

Narcissus a month late
The white blooms of narcissus, also known as “paperwhites,” usually make their debut at the Skupien homestead in January. This year I had given up on seeing the tiny yellow cups surrounded by cheerful white petals. But just a few days ago, they started blooming.

Our variety of narcissus closeup

Their yellow daffodil cousins were right on schedule, however. Now I have narcissus and daffodils blooming at the same time – a first for me. I needed photograph evidence. Logistics plotted against me. Time limitations, angle of the sun, droopy daffodils, some kind of briars I have yet to attack. Ack!

First attempt.
Nope, had to try again. The backlit white blossoms were just not showing up.

Second attempt.

My knees said, “Pick a bouquet and snap a pix of the flowers in a vase for heaven’s sake.” I said, “One more try.”

Final try: Narcissus and daffodils blooming together

I also did a sniff test of the white blooms, something it had never occurred to me to do before a January encounter (Jan. 23, 2011, post) with paperwhites in Fairhope, AL.
A Fairhope narcissus

Mine don’t look the same. But like the Fairhope blooms, the scent, up close, is cloyingly sweet, not a particularly pleasing odor. Fortunately, my enjoyment is visual, so I will continue to welcome their arrival, whether parading as narcissus or paperwhites, whether on time or late.


  1. Beautiful photos! A true reminder that spring is really just around the corner :)
    My mother-in-law grew both of these kinds of flowers in her yard for many years. Your photos make me think of her.

  2. wow both at one time. miracle flowers. i can just see you trying to get them all in on shot. beautiful, i love daffodils, i call then jonquils as did my monther, never had any narcissa but they are every bit as pretty and i can see the relationship, sisters..

  3. This is a good sign for those just North of you. We have been veering between 75 and 23. Dianne

  4. How on earth did you manage that last group picture? I can't figure it out. Because the white ones look much closer behind the yellow, like they were moved. they seem way further back in the earlier pictures. I still can't believe anything at all is blooming in this winter! It is snowing here.

  5. I love, love, love daffodils! Thanks for the photos!

  6. Two of my favorite flowers by far. They just say Spring to me. I agree with the cloying sweet smell. I had a bouquet of them last year and both Hubby and I sneezed and couldn't be around them. The finally got relagated to the living room where we don't sit very often. What a shame. visual YES, Smell no!