Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy thoughts

Yesterday was a gray and gloomy day, but abundant internal sunshine was available thanks to grandkids, and of course, their parents.
I need an updated pix of daughter-in-law Sarah and the Fab Four . . . maybe next week?

Here is my happy list:
Molly Kate, a few days away from 3 years old, had her first dance lesson that was open to parents. This grandmother couldn’t be there, but her mom Katie posted photos and video here.

Grandson Walker, right, will visit Baboo and Nana next week while sister Molly Kate enjoys Disney World
Baboo and I will get to keep 9-month-old grandson Walker at our home for the first time next week. And the week following, our oldest son’s wife and their Fab Four will be in town for a week. Blessings indeed!


  1. You are in for such a joyous time!!! I can't wait to hear about all the things you do and your days with them!!! Be sure and post about all of it!! I love your daughter-in-law's flapper oiufit!

  2. blessings all the way around, love all the photos of your grandchildren, i thought i was either late or early for the october holiday. ha ha. happy happy times are on the way with that precious little guy