Monday, August 23, 2010

Tunes and travel

Husband Walter’s post yesterday is one of my favorites since he started his travel blog, Outside of Paris. He loves music, and his August 22, 2010, post combines some of his favorite tunes and favorite places.

I have to say, though, that we absolutely must do something about having his pre-digital slides scanned. I love his photos, but only the heart is his on this most recent post, and the borrowed ones don’t measure up to the images he has captured of the places he writes about. 

He has been posting each Sunday for about three months now. He still has some technical kinks that pop up every now and then; but if the site doesn’t come up, I just try again later. With every visit I can enjoy once again some of the memorable places, sights, people and adventures that we have experienced together.

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  1. Happy anniversary to you, happy anniversary to you, happy anniversaaaaaaaaaaaaary dear Linda, happy anniversary to you.

    I love you, hubby