Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missing those grandkids

Photo of three-month-old Walker borrowed from The Daily Skup
Husband Walter and I need regular doses of grandkids. Daughter-in-law Katie’s blog, The Daily Skup, keeps us in touch with the latest on Molly Kate and Walker.

Molly Kate and her much-loved Jesse doll compliments of The Daily Skup
I wondered, when Walker was born, if the new mom of two could continue her regular posting on her blog. She has. She brings the same thoroughness to chronicling both youngsters' days in words and photos as she brought to documenting MK’s pre-Walker adventures.

Likewise Sarah, our oldest son’s wife and mother of their four ages eight through two, keeps us posted with periodic packages of photos that we savor. These young women are fantastic! Nothing matches the up-close-and-personal grandkid dosage, though. That treatment is in the near future with MK, Walker and their parents when we tag along on a family outing to Destin, FL.

I am wondering if we will last until October, however, without a quick trip for a dose of the other four grands. We will miss grandson Nate’s turning six this week, but none of our six are ever very far from our thoughts and prayers. And there is no distance in prayer!
Soon-to-be birthday boy Nate, left, and brother Luke blow shampoo and bodywash bubbles, a bathtub tradition initiated by Luke.


  1. The baby is getting so big, so fast! He's a handsome fellow, too. I know you are looking forward to that next trip--I would be, too!

  2. I need my doses of grandkids too. They just fil in those gaps in life.
    Really cute pictures, especially the last one of the bubbles.