Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August vegetable garden

Mild cherry pepper
Not much going on in my garden right now except okra and a few cherry peppers and straggly zinnias.

Yesterday morning I ran out after a heavy rain to pick okra. There were two box turtles soaking in the after-rain lake around the okra. The water made their dark-brown and caramel-colored markings glisten. I ran inside to get my camera, but those critters are faster than I expected. They had scooted and hidden away somewhere.

That is one reason I like taking photos of flowers and other plants. They rarely run away. Another reason is the visual—and functional--variety in the center of blossoms. The range from simple to complex and beautiful to weird fascinates me. These zinnia centers are rather gooey looking. Guess that is great for pollination.

Center of giant zinnia

Center of smaller zinnia variety

Oh, and I also had to relearn the requirements of taking a camera out of air-conditioning into the August steam bath that is our out-of-doors environment. There is that waiting period for the condensation on a cool lens to go away.


  1. I do hate this time of the year because of how the flowers and veggies begin to look. I asked my hubby to mow down the garden the other day.
    We are trying to grow a pumpkin vine/pumpkin. Don't know if it will make or not!
    I've missed your blog posts.

  2. I SO envy you that okra. Here the growing season is so short, we just can't get it to grow. I have paid--when I've been desperate for an okra fix--$6.99 per pound. Now that's desperation for you!!!!