Thursday, August 19, 2010

Procrastination on the home front

Sometimes procrastination has its place. Paperwork, for example, will eventually compost into its own little ecosystem. Of course, it is unsightly while it composts. Not a biggy for a procrastinator.

Another procrastinating plus is money saved. Procrastinate long enough and you could decide you don’t really need that item or service anyway.

The time comes, though, when even the most dedicated procrastinator has to take action on some things. Husband Walter tore out the ancient and disreputable carpet in our living room and hall more than 14 months ago. It needed to go long before we removed it. It was almost 20 years old. Procrastination again. We—and intermittent guests--have lived with bare and old, old, old concrete during those months.

Even so, it has been easy to procrastinate. Neither of us is exceptionally handy. We both would rather be doing any number of other things. So we have kept busy doing any number of other things. Hubby, I have to say, is not as dedicated a procrastinator as I am. He has completed a couple other fairly major handy-man projects during that time. But lately procrastination is not working so well, even for me.

So finally we are at work putting our living room back into a more comfortable state--maybe coastal Washington or some other state with cooler temperatures. Just kidding! Hopefully by Tuesday we will at least have the floor finished. One step at a time; one baby step that is!


  1. Wow, 14 that's a real case of procrastination! Good luck with finishing the project!

  2. Awesome. Since we will be arriving on Tuesday. Hehe.

  3. An hour a day! That's the formula I use for my garden procrastination. Now, after two+ weeks of one-hour gardening a day--in the early cool hours of morning--and I can actually see an amazing difference. Procrastination is just one more thing in life difficult to tame, but tamable it is! Good luck with yours!