Saturday, August 21, 2010

A tour via technology

A visit last week with my 91-year-old mother in Hattiesburg also included a tour of a new dormitory room in Virginia. I had my computer on, showing her photos of her great-grandchildren when that Skype thing popped up. Becky, my 17-year-old niece and Mother’s granddaughter, answered our call. She was in her new dorm room, moving in and getting ready for freshman orientation for her first year of college away from home. With her were her dad, who is also my brother, her mom and Becky's younger brother.

We had a wonderful visit, talking face to face. Then they answered my request for a virtual tour. They aimed the laptop around the room, and Becky would provide detailed commentary, with supplementary comments by everybody else. With her family's help, she had managed to pack what she needed in the small space and still have breathing room. What a treat to share, via Internet, a first in Becky’s life even though we were not right there physically. I am thankful for the technology—and the talented people who developed it and keep it operational, that made our participation possible.


  1. That's awesome. How nice to have the whole family in on the tour.

  2. So many people born in my decade (1942) are computer-phobic, and that's such a shame. I'm so glad you and your hubby joined the ranks. Skpe is an incredible tool to keep you in closer touch with those kin far away in distance but not heart.