Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandparent behavior

A Walker expression that I love
Our visit with grandchildren and parents in Destin, FL, closed today with a leisurely breakfast at Panera Bread Company. Granddaughter Molly Kate has developed an extreme case of camera aversion, but three-month old Walker suffers from no such malady.

Taking advantage of our last chance, we captured a few Walker photos. I am sure Nana and Baboo made a spectacle of themselves, coaxing smiles from Walker.

This original, uncropped version of the photo at the top of this post includes an example of grandparent behavior, specifically Baboo's,  that is likely to strike anywhere, anytime, even in restaurants.

I traded my camera to hold Walker; and son Jeremy captured the following images of Walker, recording additional special memories of a great trip.

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  1. Walker is precious! I love the capturing of the "grandparent behavior." So funny! I've succumbed to such actions myself on occasion. We can't help ourselves, can we? :o)