Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring fashion statement

The elegant boots in the photo above belong to my husband Walter, but I have been the one wearing them to slog about in our backyard quagmire. They are too big for me but just right for easily slipping them on for a quick task outdoors. Another heavy rain last night left little islands here and there in what was once our yard but looked like a lake early this morning. I donned the trusty boots and took a stroll around to see what had budded out. Good thing I had them on. Water was above my ankles.

Things I found to celebrate:
- Red sails lettuce seeds that I recently planted did not wash away in earlier downpours and are coming up.
Bud on blueberry bush
- Two blueberry bushes that we planted last spring survived and are budding out. One, probably a Tifblue variety, is a shoot from blueberry bushes at my mother’s former residence of 40 plus years. The other is a Brightwell purchased at a blueberry festival. The vendors helped potential buyers like me by having samples of the luscious berries from the different varieties available for tasting.
- Tomato seeds that I had started in a small container are coming up.
- Hooray! Spring just might really be here!

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