Thursday, March 25, 2010

Small, everyday things

My 90-year-old mother and I have learned to cram visiting into every moment spent on the way to doctors’ offices and while we sit waiting to be called into the inner sanctums of health care. My mother has not escaped the conditions that age can bring, but she has always chosen to downplay or keep silent about aches, pains and potentially alarming symptoms. It has taken some work, but she is starting to accept that describing the symptoms she experiences is not the same as complaining. On these frequent medically related excursions, our enjoyment of time with each other and her ability to communicate what she is experiencing health-wise are directly related to the patience of the medical practitioners working with her.

The courteous, caring, competent people we encountered in visits to two doctors’ offices this morning earned an A+ in patience, respect, warmth and charm, all important health benefits!  During one visit a nurse practitioner also administered lively conversation of the Southern-bonding variety, a definite tonic for my mother. Another treat was a spring shower that left drifts of snow-white Bradford pear tree blossoms on our way into the office.

It was a great day. Mother was satisfied that the morning was well-spent, and I was considering how blessed I am that she shares with me the beauty and pleasure she looks for and finds in small, everyday things.


  1. Great post! Life is in fact a collection of such small joys. I really admire the patience and positive attitude that your mother has towards life. Please convey her my best wishes.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting and your encouraging comments. Best wishes from a blogging friend will be a happy new experience for her.