Sunday, March 28, 2010

A spot of calm

Husband Walter and I are keeping four little ones while their parents have a Savannah, GA, getaway. In a stretch of early morning quiet before any other eyes popped open, I enjoyed some long moments of prayer, time with my Bible and starting this post. The peacefulness of that early morning time reminded me that a year ago today my mother, my brother Mike and I were in the whirlwind of moving Mother into a studio apartment in Provisions Living in Hattiesburg, MS.

The movers were scheduled to deliver the furniture and boxes of belongings that would fit in her downsized living arrangements. Mike and I convinced her she needed to coordinate from her house that day while we coordinated with the movers at Provisions. We wanted to have everything in place, the bed made up and boxes out of sight. Our goal was that she would see a tranquil environment when we brought her out to the apartment that evening rather than another of the challenges and tasks that remained in this major change in her life.

That evening she was definitely surprised that everything looked ready for her. Although she is perfectly capable of exaggerating her enthusiasm in order to make her children happy, there was relief in her face and voice. Those spots of calm really can make a difference.

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