Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Retro sunny day

Retro clothes dryer
Since my retirement, husband Walter and I have been experimenting with a number of energy saving and money-saving changes to day-to-day activities. Walter had rigged up a clothesline months ago, but cold and wet weather discouraged my participation in that particular energy saver. Monday, however, was a perfect day to return to childhood days of hanging clothes on a clothesline. Sunshine, low humidity and windy conditions did the clothes-drying job energy free. It was a pleasant task, and the towels and washcloths smelled wonderful. At this stage, however, hanging out clothes is entertainment. The clothes dryer definitely has job security at our house!

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  1. I love to hang out clothes and take them in...but I don't anymore. There's just nothing like line dried sheets and towels. Unfortunately, it's just too easy to pitch them in the dryer these days. Kathy