Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting our grandkid fix

For 48 hours beginning midday Friday March 19, husband Walter and I reveled in a visit from our oldest son’s four children ages 22 months to 7 years old. The only drawback is that I never get the number and quality of photos that I want of the good times with our little ones. Below are some images that Walter and I captured Saturday at a Biloxi playground. Top priority, though, was being in the moment with them Friday through Sunday noon.

We always try to get the youngest members of the Skupien clan together when our grandchildren are in town, and they were excited about meeting their cousin Ashton at the playground. The wind was fierce in the Biloxi, MS, Miramar Park across U.S. 90 from the beach. The children did not care. They played non-stop. We did manage to round them up for the photo below early on.
Perching for a photo are our four Skupiens from the bottom left, Charlie, four; Nate, five; Stella, 22 months; Luke, seven; and at the top, Ashton Stanley, five.

The first try for a group photo was definitely not a success.
Charlie’s expression says “no” to her being pushed off the slide.

Saturday fun included pretend in a firetruck, swinging, climbing, mastering new skills, playing new-fangled games and just hanging out.
Stella and Charlie staff the firetruck.

Ashton and Luke defy gravity in old-fashioned swings.

Nate pauses for a photo as he climbs in the rope sphere.

Stella and Charlie work on their bubble-blowing skills.

Luke, Ashton and Nate share their enthusiasm for electronic games.

What a wonderful weekend. Thank you, Walt and Sarah, for sharing your little ones with Nana and Baboo!


  1. What a beautiful family! I especially love the pics of the boys on the swings. They looked so carefree.

  2. Yes, carefree cousins! I can remember how pumping higher on swings was pure joy!