Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happiness behind the curve

This computer user is definitely behind the technology learning curve, and my 90-year-old mother is way further back than I am. She maintains she has no use for a computer, doesn’t want one, won’t use one. As long as someone else is driving, however, she is more than ready to enjoy the benefits of computer technology.

On my visit with her today, we watched videos of our youngest son’s daughter Molly Kate – one of Mother’s three great-granddaughters. Technology of computer and Internet allowed us to share laughter over two-year-old Molly Kate’s recent “dance lesson” featured on mom Katie’s March 15 post on her blog, The Daily Skup. Then we watched a video on Facebook of a jazz group’s performance that included my brother Mike’s son Matthew on bells then piano.

Later, when Carpenter cousins Carolyn Watts and Judy Byrd joined us for a visit, Mother suggested we call Mike “on the computer.” She has become a fan of Skype. I have to admit that when we first started using it, I had to reach out and touch the intended recipient of my call via my cell phone first and get directions for each step. There was a problem connecting this time, and once again I called Mike on my cell. He walked me through the simple – but unknown to me – solution. Soon cousins Carolyn and Judy in Mississippi were talking face to face with cousins Mike, Sonya and Matthew in Virginia.

Behind the learning curve can be quite a happy place to be when creative and patient family members help keep us all connected.

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  1. I don't know what I would do if my son wasn't close by to rescue this so behind the times person. Learning by the seat of my pants isn't very good but somehow I get by.
    Cute store about your family.