Friday, August 9, 2019

View from Front Beach

An exercise in joy

August 8 last year a contingent of my coastal Virginia relatives accompanied me on a beach walk during their visit with Hubby and me.

All eight of us savored the view of the sunset as we hiked the paved beach path. 

But the greatest pleasure was being with my brother, my sister-in-law, their two daughters and their spouses, plus my brother’s first grandbaby. 

They stayed with us several days that were filled with catching up, sightseeing, enjoying good food and playing with the little one. 

We only see them about once or twice a year, and my tear ducts definitely worked overtime when we waved goodbye. 

Now I am looking forward to a trip to Virginia that Hubby and I are planning to visit them, but we are waiting until the weather is cooler. 



  1. I do know that joy as my brother-in-law and sister-in-law do the same with DH and myself twice a year. We eat, drink, talk, and share the antics of my youngest grandchild when they are here. And when we visit them, there's always a visit to the beach too - as I do miss being around the water. There's nothing like time spent with family and/or dear friends.

  2. Beautiful picture! Sad that you don't get to see them any more often. I live in Virginia, if you are close maybe we can meet!

  3. Lovely picture. Great news and something worth waiting for.I'm sure you will enjoy catching up with all the family news.

  4. so beautiful and all those sweet memories every time you look at this photo...good idea to wait for the heat to let up. I would not want to be riding in a car in this heat

  5. When we don't see family often each visit is so special and dear. Glad you are going to visit them soon as it cools down.

  6. Lovely photo. Last August 8 I was in Berlin on an EU tour and it was HOT. Enjoy you family time.

  7. There truly is nothing like being with family.
    I so miss our younger son and his new family. Every few years is NOT enough. I am so grateful for phones, messaging and the steady feed of photographs but there is nothing like the "feel" of being together.
    Wait until cooler weather and then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  8. Every time we get together with family, it is till we wonder will we see each other again. I am the 'baby' at 64. I just lost a nephew in April...he was month older than me. And he spent two or three summers with us. I so miss knowing he is there...and then lost his sister exactly last month. She was 4 yrs younger than me. So you just never know.