Tuesday, August 27, 2019

My kind of soccer

That is Grandson Walker in black. (Photos by Son Jeremy) 
I don’t know much about soccer, but with a grandson and granddaughter involved, I am trying to learn.

Most previous experiences watching their games occurred in broiling weather conditions. On a June visit with our Baton Rouge family, Hubby and I encountered what is my new favorite way to enjoy the sport—indoor soccer.

The most important aspect was AIR CONDITIONING! 

But there’s more. Walls five or six feet high instead of lines on an outdoor field delineated the playing area. That kept the ball in play except when it went so high it exceeded the height of a net stretched behind and above the goal. 

Only a couple of times did I hear that whistle that is so prevalent in the outdoor games, once for the ball going over the net behind the goal and another for some kind of foul. 

As a result the total duration, including playing time plus stops in action for out-of-bounds balls or infractions, was shorter and flew by mostly uninterrupted. That was the second difference I appreciated.

Grandson Walker on defense
Number Three was the seating that was provided behind those walls around the field. From there we could easily see all the action (Translation: Even soccer-illiterate Nana could see that Grandson W on defense had newly honed skills and was making a difference for his team). 

Summer fun

Alas, the indoor version was a short, for-fun, season. Our next soccer experience, whether watching a Louisiana or a Mississippi grand, will once again involve excessive heat and humidity, transporting our lawn chairs across vast expanses to the appropriate field, and chugging water to stay hydrated. 

Regardless of the varying levels of comfort, the opportunity to attend our grandchildren's soccer games is a pleasure.



  1. It is wonderful that you get to enjoy the games, even with the heat. I bet that it was a pleasure to watch in AC.

  2. As a grandmother, I have had opportunity to be at all kinds of events, which I would not be going to alone. It is so important to be there for those special little ones.

  3. This was so cool! To bad it can't be like this all the time. Our granddaughter is in her second year of soccer, but only outdoors. At least this is a sport I can follow!

  4. that sounds like the perfect way to watch the game... AC is my friend. it is good you get to watch your grands play.

  5. That indoor arena is a terrific idea. The AC and seating would be a win win for me.
    Nice that you could watch your grandson do his thing and actually enjoy it.
    Have a great day.

  6. I feel your pain though unlike you, I have no child in the game. I love all sorts of sports but have yet to understand soccer. Maybe I'd do better watching indoor version. Love the A/C aspect.