Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Not a Fashion Statement

Earring mishap
Earrings are usually the only jewelry I wear these days. 

I enjoy earrings, and Hubby is an expert at keeping me supplied with pairs we both like.

But I freaked when I glanced at the mismatched pair above. Somehow I had slipped those on and never checked a mirror—for a whole day!

Blunders with accessories seemed to be a pattern even before my hemorrhagic stroke in 2011. I never felt comfortable wearing bracelets, although I am not sure why. 

I did like wearing necklaces, though. But I was a danger to myself, others and especially the necklaces. If there was a way to snag a necklace on some inanimate object, I did it. Or on an animate object. Or on another person, moving or not. But I persisted.

I never dreamed a benefit of a stroke would be losing my desire to wear necklaces. 

The only jewelry items I miss wearing since then are my wedding and engagement rings. I rarely took them off. But my affected left hand started swelling a month after the stroke. 

I had to have the rings cut off. Our local jeweler did the honors. In spite of my fears it was a simple and painless process. Now the rings are safely tucked away. 

I have toyed with the idea of having that jeweler create earrings out of them, but even though I cannot wear the rings, they still give me a happy feeling just as they are.

I’ll just continue to stick with earrings, hoping that I do a better job checking to be sure they match! 



  1. Oh dear, it’s not the stroke.. as I did the same thing a few days ago. Had on 2 different earrings and no one mentioned it. Realized it that night when taking them off. 🙄

  2. I agree with Rian, not the stroke. I am retired but when working not once but twice I went to work with two different earrings. once it was a red and a blue, same earring but different color. the second time it was two different ones. no one told me. I also wore black and navy shoes, same shoe, different colors. not a stroke or old age. he he he.... these are both the type I like, dangling but no longer than these, the long ones bother me because I can feel them swinging and touching my neck. I can't stand a necklace around my neck. used to wear a bracelet but only for dress up like church. I am not a jewelry person. could you have your rings sized to wear on your right hand?

  3. I love earrings, too, but earrings do not like me. If I leave earrings out a day the hole closes up. Sometimes get infection. Still, I stick them in every now and then, and just leave them in.

    I hate that you cannot wear your wedding band/engagement rings. When Roger first got home from his stroke, he felt his wedding band on his finger and not thinking right, he pushed it off and it went down the drain. His mind is not what it was and he wanted to take the whole thing apart to get it, but I ended up being able to get him to stop. I could just see getting the entire thing apart and not being able to get it back together.

    A long time later, we went and got another one. I didn't think he even missed it, but in reality I wanted to wait a while anyway, to give him time to get back to being a bit more 'with it.' So a few months later he said he missed it, so we got it and thankfully, he has kept it on his finger.

    Roger's stroke was the same type as yours..

  4. Rose, I am guessing your and Roger's post-stroke journey is like my husband and mine, new challenges are always cropping up while few of the old ones disappear. I hope he has access to a good neuro rehab facility. Spouses of stroke survivors are heroes and they need "off-duty" time often. Regrettably it's not available for lots of spouses. May unexpected blessings come for you and Roger.

  5. Yes, I could have the rings resized, but I won't. Even though I can control my right hand, balance is an issue. We are in a "hugging" family, church and community. i don't want to scrape a face or other body part with the engagement ring's solitaire in my struggle for balance, especially with our toddler-aged great nieces we hope to see in the coming months.

    So simplicity reigns. And thanks for the Sandra saga of shoes and earrings!

  6. I like bracelets, they are harder for me to hurt myself or anyone else. And easier to put on. I guess I am the only person on earth who does not have pierced ears!

  7. Maybe you will be starting a new fashion craze. Mismatched earrings. I have not had a stroke or any such thing, but I usually only wear earrings and a watch.

  8. Like Ruth's idea. Wear them with confidence and start a trend.
    I was going to say put your wedding rings on a chain around your neck but you don't like necklaces.

  9. 99% of the time I only wear earrings...and have mismatched a few in my day too.
    Now and then a necklace when dressing up (which isn't often anymore) but bracelets drive me nuts. I hate the feeling of them going up and down my arm.
    Sometimes a watch but since the battery died I don't even do that.
    I appreciate your transparency in you Stroke Journey and the things you go through.
    I hadn't even thought of many of those things and the difficulties of them.
    Wear your earrings with pride...who knows maybe you have started a new trend!