Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Local Library Blues

Libraries offer just about something for everyone, and our public library is no exception.

Mississippi bluesman Bill Abel

One of my favorite events was bluesman Bill Abel’s evening program about Mississippi Delta blues music, instruments and history. 

The large meeting room was not a typical venue for blues, but Abel owned it. The soft-spoken, life-long Delta resident is passionate about music, especially the blues. He spiced his study of the work of music historians with his personal experiences with famous Delta bluesmen. 

Abel brought with him an assortment of guitars from his collection, including homemade cigar box guitars typical of those that black sharecroppers of the Mississippi Delta created from materials on hand or available at little or no cost.
Abel on cigar-box guitar
He demonstrated—and entertained—on both. Turns out he is also an excellent teller of tales as well as an accomplished musician. 

His musical tour of the development, rhythms and nuances of Delta blues was a welcomed excursion into new territory for me.

Looking Back: I took the photos in this post a year ago. I was no where near adapting to my iPhone camera. Fuzzy photos and frustration ruled. Frustration still accompanies my one-handed efforts but not as much. Now I'm having fun. Progress!



  1. Sounds like an interesting evening. I would love to see/hear one of those cigar box guitars.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. We all are constantly learning.

  3. Wish I could have seen him. A great post!

  4. What a fun concert. Our library has Saturday movies, a book club and many other events, not counting all the programs for kids.

  5. glad to hear your are having progress and also that there was nothing wrong with your library. I saw the title Local Library Blues and thought oh no, what's wrong with her library, or why can't she go there? silly English language again

  6. That would have been a terrific time. I love the blues and would have loved hearing some of the history. The cigar box guitar was interesting. Shows what one can do with a little ingenuity.

  7. Oh Linda, I love your ending statement.
    "Now you are having Fun!"
    That makes my heart sing.
    Love the Blues.