Monday, August 19, 2019

Giving Memories Away

(Photos by Hubby)
Life changes.
Pre-stroke, I had enjoyed plunking away on my old upright piano, a long-ago gift from my parents. I was never proficient, but playing my favorite hymns was a pleasure. 

I also enjoyed when our sons and one of our daughters-in-law would entertain us with classic favorites. Our grandkids in their earliest years followed their parents’ example. 

They loved to bang away, “performing” their made-up music for parents and grandparents. And when our gifted nephew visited, he would make that piano sing.
The new owner and his friends stabilize
the piano for a safe move.

When we built our new drastically downsized home, we knew my old upright piano had to go.

But where? There is not a great demand for upright pianos, even as a give-away, and even if, like ours, it is in excellent condition. Plus it is an exceedingly heavy instrument requiring lots of muscle and special handling to transport without the piano or a person getting injured. 

I wanted it to go to a good home. It had been a fixture in our home for almost 50 years.

We were pondering that one day at our favorite local coffee shop when a conversation at the next table alerted me that one of the ladies was a piano teacher. 

Who better to steer us to someone who wanted a piano? She visited our home to check it out with one of her students. She and the student gave it a thumbs up. With her help that piano was eventually on its way to a new home with one of her adult students.

I can't deny that my heart ached at seeing it go.  But I was happy in the hope that it is bringing joy in its new home.

Ready to go. Goodby old friend!


  1. I am fairly certain that this instrument will continue to bless those who are using it now.

  2. How wonderful that you found someone to play and love it! Still, so sad you had to part with it. We had to do this with a family upright many years ago.

  3. that was a stroke of luck for you and for the person who received the piano. even the thrift shops will not come pick them up. pianos are old school and the kids want electronic keyboards now. leaving these old beauties homeless. I am so happy you found it a home

  4. That looks like a beautiful piano.
    I know how hard it is to give away pianos. We went through the same thing many years ago.
    We loved it while we had it and the kids enjoyed entertaining us with it too.
    Then it just became a piece of unused furniture that took up much needed space.
    A friend and I were talking one day and she mentioned that her kids were taking lessons and sure could use a piano but she didn't want to rent or buy the thing..
    Answer to prayer...ours found another happy home and we got some space back.
    Sandra is telling the one wants the real thing and electronic is the way people go now.

  5. Oh, my heart aches for you...I know it is an object, but it holds such fond memories for you. But so glad someone is getting it that will give it a good home, and it will be used. And no one can take your memories from you when all is said and done.

  6. You still have the memories and now someone else is making a new set. Wonderful solution.

  7. I'm so sorry you had to part with your piano, but it looks like you found it a good home.