Thursday, February 13, 2014

What I’m reading lately: The Gauguin Connection

In The Gauguin Connection by Estelle Ryan, Genevieve Lenard is autistic and high-functioning. She is also a genius at reading body language and discerning patterns. 

She has carved out a comfortable, satisfying life for herself using her skills to detect fraud for a prestigious insurance company in Europe. 

But Genevieve is thrust out of the controlled environment she has created and into danger when her boss insists she work with an abrasive government investigator on a case. She enters a world of intrigue, priceless art, murder and power.

This was one of the better of the free Kindle books I have read. It was well-plotted, and I kept on reading in spite of the occasional error of the type that usually drives me into a spasm of teeth-grinding aggravation.

The author's narrative engaged me with suspense and the depiction of Genevieve’s gradually increasing ability to cope physically and emotionally with the unfamiliar and the unexpected.

I can’t speak to how accurately the author portrayed Genevieve’s evidences of autism and the strategies she used to survive, but I can affirm that the author's depiction of Genevieve and of an entertaining cast of supporting characters took me on an a thrill ride that I thoroughly enjoyed. 


  1. some of the Kindle errors make me feel that way to, especially the occasional repeated sentence, or words. but a good suspense novel is my favorite thing to read and i just skip right on by the mistakes. I love my Kindle above PicMonkey and Pizap and computer and blogging and movies on TV... Kindle first but i do love the others to

  2. My daughter works with autistic kids. I will tell her about this book. Dianne

  3. You are better than I am. I have a hard time reading Michener's Hawaii for some reason. It's dull.

  4. Thanks for the great review. Happy Valentines day too. :)

  5. Sounds a worthwhile read, thank you.
    From Freda at Dalamory