Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time for living well

A recent Facebook post linked to a column here that I found interesting. It was about the value of developing a habit of waking up earlier.

I learned that life-changing lesson when the older of our two sons was a toddler. Getting up half an hour to an hour earlier than everybody else in the house made my day go smoother and happier.

My entire life before that, well, what I remember of it, was marked by my post wakeup discombobulation. (discombobulated -- having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion--from The Free Dictionary.) 

My discombobulation manifested as a slow start, sensitivity to sound and bright light, a general sense of disorientation, grumpiness, and eventual frantic scurrying about.

I can’t remember exactly what prompted the change, but the immediate difference was calmer mornings. Other changes followed without conscious effort on my part, which was good because achieving consciousness upon waking from a deep sleep was, and still is, a daunting proposition.

I found that even though I couldn’t open my eyes all the way when I first stumbled out of bed, with those extra minutes from arising earlier, I could sort laundry and throw a load in the washer without further deterioration of my mental state. In fact, any task that was mindless and required physical movement helped me ease into the day.

Eventually I also discovered that after a cup of hot tea, savored slowly while I enjoyed the quiet, I was more awake. I could read my Bible (without dozing off most of the time), pray, and ponder what I had read. Those final three steps were often exactly what helped me later that day or later in the week when difficult circumstances arose.

Since my stroke, I find those quiet times a little later in the day. I now need about nine hours of sleep and rarely wake up before my spouse. But Husband Walter is well-acquainted with my morning slowness and greets me—quietly—with a hug and a mug of hot tea.

Hot tea in one of our extra special mug gifts starts good thoughts and precious memories percolating for me.

Isn't it wonderful how little things often constitute big, big blessings!

Have a great week.


  1. So right how the small and ordinary can mean so much! I am normally an early riser and when my Grands visit, even earlier - so I can be "out the gate" before them and ready with breakfast. I like an unhurried approach - I feel better if I'm not immediately operating from feeling behind.

  2. Discombobulation is an old favorite. I learned it from a friend who was ALWAYS discombobulated it seemed. Great to have that morning cup at hand. Good for Walter!!

  3. Ah the mornings have always been my favorite time of day. I selfishly love it to be all mine, even when I have company.

  4. I wish I loved mornings. Well, actually, I do love mornings. I just start them far too late. I don't think I'll change at this point in life.

  5. i like that Nana and Baboo mug. sounds like you have a handle on waking up... each of us is so different. when i wake up i am instantly awake and ready to roll... i do my best thinking and working at 5 am..anytime after 3 pm i am like you are when you wake up,

  6. I wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and go to bed at 7 or 8 in the evening. I enjoy several tall glasses of iced coffee and reading the newspaper from cover to cover. David wakes up much later at 7:15 am or if he does not have to go to work at 10 am.

  7. I enjoyed this post so much and could relate to much of it. Discombobulated: YES, that's me! :) Mornings have never been something I've looked forward to and I so want to change that mindset. I've learned to tolerate coffee which helps bring me to consciousness. Hope you have a great week ahead!

  8. I'm so glad to see someone else use that word...discombobulated. That's me sometimes.
    It seems the older I get the more I like to sleep in till about 8:30-ish. I am glad I can start my day without too much trouble. I sure start to fold about 10:30 PM though. Our body's clock is a strange thing.
    I hope you have a terrific week Linda.
    Devotions and quite time before the day starts is the best wake up cuppa of all.

  9. And here I thought waking up way too early was mainly a guy thing. Apparently not.... Good explanation. :)

  10. I'm a cranky morning grouch. When George came into my life, he discovered that everything went better if he brought me my coffee. Now days he get's up at 0500, and he get's his peace then brings me coffee. I wake gently, usually with a smile, and life is pretty good stuff now days. :)

  11. You and I are both fortunate with our thoughtful spouses. You continue to be an inspiration. Thank you.
    Blessings from Dalamory