Friday, February 28, 2014

Birthday paint party

Birthday girl with her artwork (Photo by Katie Skupien)

A couple of Saturdays ago, Husband Walter and I traveled to Baton Rouge, La., to join the celebration of Granddaughter Molly Kate’s sixth birthday. It was my first experience with a paint party.

Time for instructions

The studio, Mudpies and Masterpieces, easily accommodated the 14 little girls eager to paint and party. Two experienced preschool teachers guided the young artists through the freehand exercise. They did a great job of fulfilling the slogan of their business enterprise: “Where you are truly a work of heart!”

Fledgling artists prepare to paint.

Easels paraded down both sides of a long table. The two adult instructors led the session. One stood at the end of the table showing the girls how to accomplish each step. The other circulated, offering individual encouragement and guidance as needed.

A work in progress

Before party day the birthday girl or boy visits the studio and chooses which picture the group will paint. Molly Kate chose a Hello Kitty attired in the purple and gold of a Louisiana State University cheerleader. 

Her choice was a winner with her age group.  Baton Rouge is home to LSU. Fan spirit is a family affair in the university’s hometown, and indoctrination into LSU fan status begins before birth with baby gifts in LSU colors and themes.

When the girls finished their creations, there was cake, ice cream and present-opening on the studio’s spacious and inviting porch. While the youngsters and a number of non-painting relatives enjoyed cake and ice cream, the other instructor was inside adding a few embellishments to the completed paintings and blowing them dry with a hair dryer. 

The party closed with one of the instructors painting a Hello Kitty on faces. The girls collected their paintings, now dry, and departed with painted faces, good memories and art for their bedrooms.

It was a fun time, and I was impressed with how well the instructors kept everyone happy, engaged and moving through a well thought out and orchestrated party process.

 Proud and happy painters (Photo by Katie Skupien)


  1. so much fun and who knows one or more of these little girls might turn into an artist oneday. the paintings are beautiful, they did a super paint job.

  2. That's a great idea for a little girl's birthday party! All of the girls in the photo did a great job on LSU-Hello Kitty. So sweet!

  3. This is such a fun way to have a birthday party.

  4. What a fun (and memorable) birthday party! The girls' paintings turned out quite well, too!

    P.S. It's hard to believe six years have passed already!!!

  5. What a wonderful way to have a birthday party - everybody happy and busy, with adults able to enjoy the best of it too.

    Blessings from Dalamory

  6. A wonderful and clever way to celebrate a sixth birthday. Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl.