Friday, August 9, 2013

Stella’s retail day camp

Granddaughter Stella models result of her personal retail mini-camp.
While granddaughter Stella’s older siblings spent a week in July at Sea and Sail day camp on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, their mom made sure Stella experienced the coast in a week of fun one-on-one mother-daughter time.

Stella’s brothers and sister experienced first hand the coast’s fishing and boat building history. Meanwhile, Stella topped her week off with retail training during a shopping excursion to a favorite store. 

When mom and daughter returned to our house, Stella was eager to show off the new outfit and sparkly shoes she had picked out. And these snapshots show that she has definitely abandoned her aversion to cameras.

A happy shopper

‘See my new shoes!’

I admire the shopping acumen of both my daughters-in-law. My ability in that department is dismal. Fortunately, I had male offspring. 

Even so, I think our grown sons harbor memories of some of my purchases on their behalf that they considered apparel disasters. What can I say; it was character building!

But I'm delighted that my granddaughters' moms give them happy and practical shopping experiences. 


  1. love those shoes, Stella is adorable and now is a true shopper

  2. Those shes are the coolest! When our son was little, he hated the clothes I chose for him! Of course, they included Mork from Ork suspenders and red plaid pants with matching bow tie!

  3. As well she should enjoy modeling. The camera loves her. Those shoes are perfect.