Sunday, August 11, 2013

A grandpa in action

Stella, left, and Charlie take a ride 

In an equine mode, Husband Walter, my favorite grandpa, provides horsey rides that come with sudden dismounts and tickling attacks that elicit shrieks of feigned terror from the Georgia granddaughters’. Then the catapulted riders ask for repeats.

Making memories

But repeats may one day be only through memories as the granddaughters grow bigger and older. Baboo initiated horsey rides when Luke, our oldest grand, was a toddler. Luke is now 11. Eventually three younger siblings joined the family, and for a while all four could perch on Baboo’s back for a ride.

Baboo now handles the two youngest Georgia grands only, granddaughters Charlie, 8, and Stella, 5, but their fun-filled rides are becoming shorter and fewer these days.

Bucked off!

When Baboo puts the girls’ “horsey” out to pasture, who will miss the rides more, Charlie and Stella or their doting grandfather?
Tickle time for unseated riders


  1. How wonderful, and they will love these pictures when they get older! But time is getting nearer for Baboo to watch his back!

  2. What a cute idea! David has never done that with our grandkids.

  3. Does that bring back wonderful memories with my Dad being the horse and how crushed I was when he one year groaned that I was too big for that anymore. I was breaking his back.
    Keep it up as long as you can Baboo. You are making wonderful memories.

  4. this made me smile and even when the horsey goes out to pasture he can always TICKLE.. of course they will grow out of that, but i am sure he will find other fun things to do with them.

  5. Oh my aching back. Yes, it is fun when they are small but as they grow and weigh more and more the experience ends (or grandpa ends up in traction). Too sad. Dianne

  6. Fun times, and fun memories!

    Poor Walter has a heavy load :)

  7. Don’t think about the future already. Enjoy what is now, as the girls do and as baboo does. The future will take care of itself.
    You and I both know that.

  8. Oh, the precious memories.
    I remember my Dad doing that when my boys were little.
    Hubby took over too and the boys wore him out but the giggles and tickle fests were worth every aching muscle.
    I love your pictures too Linda.
    Forever Memories.