Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pride goeth before a fall

Recently I have ranted digitally, verbally to my husband and mentally to myself as as the result of reading some of the free Kindle books. I was grinding my teeth at the authors’ carelessness or ignorance of the correct words. Their crime against the English language was use of a word that is pronounced the same but is spelled differently and has a different meaning from the word called for by the context.

I have even started a post about it. But now I am thinking I may not finish that post and will approach other writers’ faults with a bit more humility and a little less (self?)righteous indignation.

The reason is that I just posted a comment, where I cannot remember, and used “there” instead of “their” or vice versa. That embarrassing error and others are somewhere out there in cyberspace, reminding me to follow the Biblical admonition to get the log out of my own eyeball before I try to remove the speck out of someone else’s eye.

And even more humiliating is the fact that I was so enjoying my ranting!

Joy to all and grammatically correct sailing in the new week.


  1. I quit "buying" the free kindle books too because all that earnest bad writing depressed me and, to some extent, reminded me of myself. I've come to the conclusion that a good editor, as annoying and anal as she may be, is worth her salt.

  2. Haha!!! It happens to the best of us!!!

  3. Don't sweat the small stuff. Everything is small stuff. Dianne

  4. (:0)

    Isn't it funny how we can enjoy those rants so much?

    I am so guilty of murdering the English language and all the punctuation that goes with it.

    I'm afraid that grammar and I never got along too well....

    Love the admonition about the log in our own eye.

    Yes and amen.

    Have a wonderful day Linda.

  5. Do continue to rant at bad grammar, spelling and all other irritating misuses of language. i'll happily join you.

    There should be a society for people who point the finger at all those careless writers who, frankly, should not put words anywhere, on paper or on a screen.

  6. I think bad grammar is going to be our "new future"...I see it all of the time on Facebook and in comments on Youtube. What has happened to Language Arts?

  7. Everyone makes these kinds of mistakes, whether we admit it or not. I catch myself so many times, that it makes me wonder how many times I have missed the mistakes.