Thursday, September 27, 2012

Climbing DNA

Grandson Walker scales the heights of Mt. Kenmore.

Our daughter-in-law Katie snapped the photo above on her iPhone. Grandson Walker was determined to achieve a goal, maybe to plunder something his parents had stored out of his reach atop the refrigerator.

The location, refrigerator and century are different, but the determined little body looks remarkably similar to his daddy’s at the same age. The difference is that our youngest son Jeremy’s hands were not grasping a refrigerator door. Instead he was holding to the woodwork that framed the passage between living room and kitchen in our home. He would hold on and with his bare feet, “walk” up the woodwork from floor to the top of the door.

I borrowed the image of Walker from The Daily Skup here. Katie captured Walker’s preparation for the climb. He had swept the refrigerator door clear of magnets and artwork and pushed his little step stool into position as a launching pad. She had a number of photos but never found out what he was after.

Perhaps it was just the challenge. Or could it be a matter of his gene pool?


  1. i hope that doesn't turn over on him, looks dangerous to me. it amazes me that some are climbers and some like to sit still and play, i had one of each. the climber broke his collar bone at 18 months and had so many broken bones i can't list them. the other son played with toys of the floor.

  2. It must be the gene pool...
    What a little monkey. I wonder what he was after. Don't remember mine being that curious about forbidden places. Maybe I never saw them at it though,

  3. I don't think he was aiming to get something; he just did it for the exercise and challenge. My older daughter was that way. Thank goodness, her son, whom I babysit, is not "upward bound."

  4. Am I imagining things, or did he break something (lying on the floor behind him)?

    This photo reminds me of me. I was always climbing things, except never took up mountain climbing.

    I was thinking of you. I have had all kinds of problems with my blog the past few days, and I know you have been there. Have a good day and weekend. Dianne