Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grandpa’s art gallery

A colorful reminder of grandgirls
I can tell my husband, grandpa to three boys and three girls, is beginning to kick into Baboo overdrive and a need for a dose of grandkids. “Baboo” is the name our oldest called his paternal grandfather. As the rest of the grands arrived, they followed the eldest’s example.

It is a perfect fit for the unconditional love that Baboo pours out in the form of lots of hugs and snuggling, playing goofy made-up games and serving up pizza and other kid-favored meals galore.

The other day I walked into our kitchen and adjacent family room to see an unusual arrangement of the artwork that granddaughters Charlie and Stella had brought to our house on a summer visit. Baboo had hung one masterpiece on a light switch and the other over a piece by a Gulf Coast artist, both in positions where we would see them throughout the day.

There werte no signatures and our memories are shot, but the amount of detail in the one above is characteristic of Charlie. All three of the granddaughters like to draw and paint. Charlie and Molly Kate are more into detail. Stella is into speed and moving on to the next thing.
Art by Stella?


  1. What a sweet post about how much family means.

  2. i like the baboo name. my uncle's grandkids all call him Bobby. his name is Delbert and no one knows how it got started but for years everyone in the family has called him bobby.

  3. I think their art is great and happy to hear Baboo framed it. Dianne

  4. I love children's art. It's been a while since I've had any to display. Thanks so much for sharing yours :)

  5. You are so lucky your hubby takes such an active part in your grand's lives. I wish my husband did. The art work is the best. Lucky grand kids.

  6. Sweet story! I agree that it is great that he has such a relationship with the little ones.

    Names - My brother's daughter used to chide him when he gave the kids a denial of a request by saying "Daddy doofer, party pooper." It was a sweet way of expressing angst and allowed everyone to remain on good terms. Later on, after having several grandkids, he announced that he wanted to be called "Doofer," rather than "Grandpa." The eldest two grandchildren, already in their teens, looked at him and said, "Uh, no! Just can't do that!" Yeah, he is still "Grandpa" to all of them!!

  7. My grandkids (4 and 2-1/2 years old) draw every time they are here, but they take home their art to show mommy and daddy.

  8. Love your art gallery. It warms my heart to see Baboo so in love with them.
    We are way past that stage of the Grands at our house but there are still remnants around of years gone by.
    I'm so grateful we can go out to dinner tonight with two of the granddaughters and their parents. Its really time for a Grands Fix!!