Friday, September 21, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: On the bridge again

Paddling on a surfboard? (Photo by Ann Losset)
Hooray! Two days in a row walking on the Biloxi Bay Bridge. There is always something new to see or experience on the bridge. Today walking buddy Ann pointed out a figure silhouetted amidst the sparkles of reflected sunlight. Was that guy standing up while paddling a surfboard toward the bridge?

A lady with good balance
We kept watching the paddler’s progress as we eased down the bridge’s incline. Ann said it was not a male but a female propelling that board through the water with an air of complete confidence. I would like to know more about that transportation choice.

At the end of our walk, Ann held on to my gait belt as I tried to capture images of Gulf fritillaries and a number of other butterfly species decorating some white flowers by the steps leading to the bridge.

Charlie, a new Ocean Springs resident
During my totally unsuccessful attempts to capture the extravagant butterfly show, we met Charlie. He had bought a sailboat and retired to Ocean Springs in January after a career in education. Early in his career he was a classroom teacher. He devoted the majority of his years in the educational system to serving as principal of schools in a number of Mississippi districts.

In our brief chat we learned enough about his philosophy of public school administration to realize that Mississippi had lost a valuable asset upon his retirement. Charlie had cheered me on as he passed Ann and me at the start of our walk. His said his father had had a stroke. Charlie was familiar with some of the frustrations stroke survivors experience.

And he was encouraging. I would never have chosen to have a stroke. But the people who have gone out of their way to help and encourage me, even in brief encounters, are contributing so much to my recovery.

0.4-mile marker

Gulf coast fishing and crabbing depicted at the 0.4-mile marker
And on the subject of recovery, Ann and I made it a bit farther than the 0.4-mile marker today, another one-tenth of a mile under my belt, under my gait belt, that is. That means more than 0.8-mile total.

Wahoo! Linda at 0.4 mile. A great day for walking! Thank you, Ann. (Photo by Ann Losset)


  1. Having a stroke, that is one of my greatest fears, especially if I have one when no one is around.

    I love your courage, Linda. Keep it up!

  2. i love the pic of you at the.05 marker. you look fantastic and think about all the wonderful people you are meeting. how cool is that?

  3. Gigi, I was healthy with none of the conditions that put one at risk for a stroke. I was fortunate that my husband was right there with me and all the medical pros were at the top of there game that day. I have accepted that things happen that I cannot control. Allowing myself to think about and fear a second stroke would take away everything positive that I am experiencing in the gift of being alive in the mpments I have right now.

    Your comments and your posts are part of that gift I am experiencing.

  4. Sandra, thank you for visiting and commenting and for brightening my day with the variety of the photos, words, and humor in your posts..

  5. After I had the stroke, my husband took me around Greenspring, a local botanic garden and I walked with lots of other stroke survivors. Walking is the best medicine. Congratulations on your progress.

    Your speaking of Charlie reminded me of my younger son who works with children with learning disabilities. John is well loved at his school. I can't write about him on my blog as he finds it embarassing Dianne

    PS the fear of another stroke is always there. I have virtually stopped driving since the stroke. The thought that I would have been in my car in Washington traffic if the stroke had occurred a half hour later is chilling.

  6. WhooHoo way to go Linda.
    I love how your walks aren't just walks but ministry too.
    Your gentle spirit shines through and reaches out to young and old alike.
    I really think if we lived closer we would be more than blogging friends.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my latest post. It touched me.
    Sisters in Faith, I like that.

  7. They are called Paddle Boards. They have been gaining popularity in recent years.

  8. That's a great photo of you beside the mile marker!

    Of course, I would love to be on that bridge, too, soaking up the beautiful environment :)

    Isn't that the strangest thing, how people can stand up on those surf boards and actually paddle?