Monday, March 14, 2011

What is going on with blogger?

I have been getting ever-weirder non-words popping up in that verification process. A few examples:

- Sicki -- How did Blogger know that I had a sore throat that was trying to establish residence?

- Souressa – So Blogger has determined I am not only of a sour, negative disposition, I am evidently a high-ranking sourpuss, the contessa, or countess, of the sourpuss domain. Hmpf!

- Hatedus – Eek! That one is scary.

Usually the verification process offers up some combinations that aren’t words but are close enough that potential definitions give me a chuckle. Even though the process can be irritating when my eyesight prevents identification of severely squished-together letters, I don’t mind. I assume the owner of the blog has had an experience similar to mine.

When I first started Retirement Daze, I was getting comments that were probably computer generated. They included lots of garbage letters and symbols. But they also included pornographic suggestions, usually involving young celebrities. That stopped immediately once the word verification was in place.

Thank you, Blogger, for that option. And thank you, blogging friends who persevere through the word verification gauntlet to comment!


  1. I don't know if I have the word verification on my site or not, but the words that pop up on other sites are often interesting. Maybe I have a fevered imagination, but they do seem to emanate from another world. My word on your site today is oingrall. Is that 'orangeroll' or a new ointment for chapped lips?

  2. "STRAT"is my word.--I have no clue unless it is drat with a lisp.
    We do have to protect ourselves. I recently had to no longer allow anonymous comments--the spammers will come in that way also.

  3. You are cracking me up today!! My face is still plastered with a HUGE silly grin!!! I've noticed sometimes they use an actual word!! Slacking off on the job, so to speak. It can be fun to see the words, and sometimes they even have a relation to the post subject! Yours now is vakerv.

  4. I get a kick out of some of the word verifications too. Hope your tickly throat is better.
    I had to go back to the verification too. The garbage that came in before had to be stopped. Thankfully it seems to be gone.
    Have a great week.

  5. I've been meaning to ask: what does the word verification do for a site. I don't use it and I know other bloggers who don't either, but most do. Why do you use word verification? I think it's a pain for commenters but if it does something helpful, I'll add it.

  6. the word verification is really aggravating, but i will keep coming. i read in a forum that blogger had fixed it to stop all that stuff so i turned the word off, no problems yet, about a month ago. hope i don't get any of that stuff. if so i will add it back. you are right some of the words are truly funny

  7. I don't have any such words on my blog but I guess if they call "Pout Face" I will understand, as I am upset about the earth quake, the Tsunami, the powe plant at Onagawa and to top it all there was a tourist bus accident bringing back people from Connecticut to the Bronx and fifteen people lost their lives:(

  8. I was laughing at some word verifications just the other day! Some of them are quite funny :)