Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ski Trip: Perfect Weather

We knew we were taking a chance scheduling a ski trip to Boone, NC, so late in the season. But the weather was perfect.

We experienced, and enjoyed, snow flurries when we arrived Sunday evening.
The scene outside the shop where we rented ski equipment Sunday evening

The next day was blue skies and sunshine.
The same scene Monday afternoon when we returned our rentals

The cooperating weather was just one of the happy surprises on this ski trip. Another was that I felt better physically after skiing than I have on any previous trips. In years past at the end of the day I hurt everywhere.

Before we headed out for this most recent trip, I had some concerns because I have not been exercising as in earlier years. And yet, this time I experienced fewer of the aches and pains I had in the past.

Perhaps I was just more relaxed. Or maybe retirement “exercises” of playing with grandkids and gardening contribute more to fitness than I realized.

I was still well aware that I had stretched some muscles more than usual. When I first tried sitting Indian-style*, there was definitely something going on where legs and torso connect. That lasted a couple days but by the third day I hardly noticed it at all. 

Our choice of timing did have some tradeoffs. Lines were short. Slopes were less crowded. The snow, however, was wearing a bit thin in some areas, but Walter and I successfully avoided “rock” skiing.

A happy day!

*Got to do some googling on this phrase. Does anybody else use "Indian-style" to describe sitting with your knees bent in front of you, ankles crossed and feet tucked under opposite side. Is the phrase now hopelessly politically incorrect? Whether it is or not, I think my attempt at describing the position is hopelessly confusing.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Linda...thanks for your comment today. There are so many of us "Lindas" out there huh? I think I will become a follower and we can walk this journey together! (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. wow, i am impressed, you can SKI and Sit indian style. i can't do either. and could not when i was young, so age is not the problem. i am stiff and klutz and always have been. no sense of balance. you are truly blessed. glad you had a good time

  3. Linda - Yep lots of Lindas out there , although you are younger than me and the three other Lindas (altho one was Lynda) that were in my first grade class and eventually graduated together. Love to share the journey!

    Sandra - The klutz part fits me, too, but I guess the limberness (Is that a word?) must be genetic.

  4. Criss-cross applesauce is the appropriate phrase these days.
    -Jeremy, not Katie

  5. I made it back safely from the snake roundup! No snakes thrown during the parade :) The parade hadn't changed much since the last one I attended, but I enjoyed seeing Madison enjoying herself.

    I can still sit Indian style--and yes, I call it that, too.

  6. So glad the weather cooperated for you. I love Boone but have only gone there in the summer for tube rafting.
    I used to call it "indian style" but that has changed for me to "yoga style." I can no longer do either.

  7. I love that crazy colorful sign!!! Well, I have always said indian style. But not till now that you mention it did I think it's politically incorrect. But you are right! But what else would you say? I can't think of a term that is as well known and describes it as well! Forget indian style, I am unable to even get on the floor at all. Last time I fell, we almost had to call a crane service to get me up!! Glad you are faring much better and are healthy and flexible!!

  8. Hi Linda. Thanks again for visiting my blog. There are a lot of bloggers named Linda out there. I guess you all were born about the time that name peaked in popularity.

    Yes, I still say 'Indian style' when I think of sitting cross legged. Perhaps, it is not PC, but old sayings are hard to break.

  9. cross-legged, yoga position, lotus position, Indian-style; whatever you want to call it, it's great that you can do it. And ski.

    I'd be crippled if I did either.

  10. sounds like a great trip and you are a good role model for the rest of us. Yes, in early childhood education circles it is now criss cross applesauce instead of native American style.

  11. yep, I think it is what we call cross-legged. I never found it easy, even as a child when it was the done thing every day at Assembly. Have never tried skiing, too far to tumble!