Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great-grandkids and great-grandmothers

We are thankful that our grandchildren have a chance to know my mother and husband Walter’s mother. Those chances for in-person visits are limited by geography and the diminishing stamina of our mothers. Recent visits by our grandchildren included our helping with the great-grandmother connection.

Our youngest son’s little one, 9-month-old Walker, soaked up attention from his great-grandmother, my husband’s mother. It was his first visit to Grandma Sugar’s home.
Walker and Grandma Sugar entertain each other.

Time out for a snack

A few days later it was off on a 90-mile jaunt with daughter-in-law Sarah and the Fab Four, our other set of grandchildren, to visit my mother.
Mamaw Carpenter soaks up the attention of her oldest great-grands, Luke, 8 (right), and Nate, 6.

A count of my blessings has to include our mothers who cherish visits from their high-energy grandchildren, and sons and daughters-in-law who make conscious efforts to carve out time for visits to their children’s great-grandmothers.


  1. What great pictures!! I do think that grendparents and great-grandparents can give children things that parents don't. And the children in turn make us feel so alive and young! Seeing things through their eyes, everything is new again. These pictures are wonderful!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by TNS and commenting.
    It is wonderful that those childrens are getting to know and enjoy a great grandmother.

  3. you are so blessed to still have both of your mothers and that the children can meet them. my children never saw their great grand parents, only their grandparents. truly blessed you are and the photos make me smile

  4. Such special times! I am looking forward to a special family get-together in a couple of weeks. It's so worth while making the time and effort to be together, even if it is only for a little while. Memories and photos last a long time.

  5. How wonderful to be able to visit the Grandmas and have the kids get to know them. Our Grandkids never got a chance to meet their Greats... All the more reason to try to be there for them now.